GALLOWAY TOWNSHIP — A township woman is mourning her daughter, who was fatally shot in a triple homicide at an Ohio nursing home last week.

Cindy Krantz, a nurse’s aide, was killed by Thomas Hartless. The gunman also killed his former girlfriend, Marlina Medrano, and Kirkersville police Chief Steven Eric DiSario before killing himself, the Associated Press reported.

Krantz’s mother, Regina Ford, learned of her daughter’s death last Friday while watching the news with her husband, Frank.

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Ford saw that a shooting took place at a nursing home in Ohio and started to worry.

“(The news) didn’t say any names, and I kept thinking where Cindy works,” Ford, 67, said Friday from her home.

A few hours later, Ford received a call from her ex-husband’s wife.

“Now we just have to try and make sense of things and try to get some peace and try to move on somehow,” Ford said.

Krantz was killed with a shotgun May 12 at Pine Kirk Care Center. Medrano, who had previously sought protective orders against Hartless in connection with domestic-violence cases, was shot multiple times with a handgun and a shotgun, according to the AP.

DiSario was killed outside the nursing home.

Ford and her husband, who live on Social Security, rented a car to travel to Pataskala, Ohio, where Krantz lived.

“We would’ve walked if we had to,” said Frank Ford, 58.

Krantz is survived by her husband, Christopher, and her five children.

Krantz’s memorial service took place Wednesday. Her body was cremated and remains in Ohio, Ford said.

Ford described her daughter, who lived in multiple South Jersey towns in Salem, Gloucester and Camden counties, as a good kid and a good mother who loved children. Ford last saw her daughter in November, when Krantz visited while Ford underwent chemotherapy for cervical cancer.

“She came and stayed for the seven hours of my chemo,” Ford said. “That’s the kind of person she was.”

It’s a rough time for Regina and Frank, and they hope prayers can be sent their way.

“We don’t know one day from another,” Frank Ford said. “We ask the Lord to comfort us and help us through this.”

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