Highs will soar well into the 80s on the South Jersey mainland on Wednesday with mostly sunny skies expected. Sea-breezes will keep the barrier islands cooler and in the 70s.  Winds will be from the south-southwest around 15mph.

It’s tough to improve upon Tuesday’s weather perfection: Abundant sun, comfortably warm temperatures and light winds. It doesn’t get much better than that, right?

Of course, some like it hotter, and those who do have been patiently waiting since our last surge of heat, which was more than two weeks ago.

Well, ready or not, here it comes! It won’t be permanent, but a surge of summerlike heat and humidity will ride a sticky southwest breeze into South Jersey for the next three days.

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We’re not quite talking oppressive mid-summer steaminess, but compared to our recent cool stretch, the unseasonably warm and increasingly humid air will become quite apparent, likely peaking Thursday as the mainland flirts with 90-degree heat for the second time this spring.

In case you’re wondering, the first time was April 29, when record highs were broken on the final Saturday in April.

I’m not expecting records to be challenged with this surge of heat. The numbers to beat at Atlantic City International Airport are all between 93 and 96 degrees, and will likely stay out of reach.

But record or not, highs around 90 in the middle of May are still an impressive 15 to 20 degrees warmer than normal.

Sea breezes should spare the shore from the summer preview each of the next two days, as south to southwest breezes off the still cool 56-degree Atlantic Ocean keep the shore noticeably cooler and likely in the low- to mid-70s each afternoon.

Winds may shift more from the west by Friday afternoon, which could bring the 80-degree warmth to the beaches before the week and the warmth both come to an end.

As winds shift from the east and come straight off that aforementioned cooler ocean this weekend, temperatures on land will be significantly cooler as well. I’m thinking near 70 for weekend highs, closer to average for the middle of May.

On the plus side, the entire weekend looks dry with at least partly sunny skies.

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