ATLANTIC CITY — Radio host, columnist and cheerleader for Atlantic City Seymour “Pinky” Kravitz was honored Monday with a bronze plaque to be displayed on his hometown Boardwalk.

The unveiling ceremony was held on the stage of Kennedy Plaza, a project Kravitz proposed to city officials to bring live performances on the Boardwalk.(tncms-asset)394d3e54-5549-11e7-808e-00163ec2aa77(/tncms-asset)

Tom Lamaine, former Philadelphia TV meteorologist, radio personality and Kravitz’s longtime friend, hosted the event and talked about Kravitz’s tireless work for improvements in Atlantic City.

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“There have been so many things done because of Pinky, you really don’t need his name on them, but today, we’re gonna do that anyway,” Lamaine said.

Friends and frequent guests of his radio show, including Mayor Don Guardian and Gary Hill, were among the speakers who paid tribute to the man whose second nickname was “Mr. Atlantic City.”

The plaque was revealed from underneath a pink sheet by Kravtiz’s son, Greg, and granddaughter, Bekah.

“This stage was important to him,” Greg Kravitz said, “but if you look down the Boardwalk, my dad has a connection to every place in Atlantic City.”

Kravitz’s radio show, “Pinky’s Corner” began on WOND in 1958, a part-time project for the Atlantic City High School teacher. The two-hour talk show was broadcast for a record 57 years, until Kravitz took his first-ever sick day in May 2015. After undergoing heart surgery and a lengthy recovery, Kravitz died Oct. 31 of that year, at age 88.(tncms-asset)61992328-5549-11e7-add3-00163ec2aa77(/tncms-asset)

Along with one of the longest-running radio programs, Kravitz also hosted a weekly talk show on WMGM-TV 40 and was a columnist for The Press of Atlantic City.

Radio station 1400 AM WOND played clips of Kravitz to the audience on the Boardwalk and rebroadcast the final “Pinky’s Corner,” from May 14, 2015, during his 4 to 6 p.m. time slot.

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