BELLMAWR – An overturned tractor-trailer carrying fruit caused a jam Saturday on I-295 in Camden County.

A tractor-trailer carrying watermelons overturned on I-295 northbound in Bellmawr Borough, spilling its contents across the highway, said New Jersey State Police. Nobody was injured in the crash.

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“Well, if you ever pass such a scene during your travels, you should slow down, crane your neck, and take a hard, long look, because it’s an awe inspiring sight,” troopers joked in a Facebook post. “But know this, friend; you are the rubbernecker, and there’s no need to be in this day and age.”

Crews took five hours to clean up the “carnage of the watermelon massacre," troopers said. They empathized with drivers who were stuck in the traffic jam.

Among the ‘watermelon carnage’ jokes, troopers reminded drivers to stay safe on the roads, especially when there is a crash, by keeping their eyes on the road and slowing down for police and clean-up crews.

“But try not to crane your neck. Keeping your eyes on the road is the best way to protect you, your passengers, and the folks clearing the scene,” troopers said in the Facebook post.

“There’s not much to see anyway. And hey, if you ever find yourself passing a scene of busted fruit in the roadway, well, now you’ve no excuse to take your eyes off the road! Like you ever had one. After all, there’s nothing there you can’t find on the Internet.”

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Waldy Diez joined the Press of Atlantic City's breaking news team in July 2017. She's a graduate of Syracuse and Rowan Universities. Previously, she was a morning tv news producer.

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