Officials and police agencies across the region are warning motorists to watch icy roads on Tuesday morning's commute.

Traffic alert website advises drivers to slow down. It also warned drivers to be alert on bridges and overpasses because they freeze before road surfaces.

"Even with air temperatures of 34 or 35 degrees, roads can still be icy, given the extreme cold stretch we had for the past two weeks. With a high in the low 40s today, though, this ice will melt off. However, re-freeze is likely this evening with falling temperatures," said Press Meteorologist Joe Martucci.

Areas of fog will persist throughout the morning, he said. 

"The combination of warm, southwest winds blowing over the cold snowpack is a perfect combination for fog. It will take a drying wind to clear the fog out, which should happen toward midday as winds blow from the northwest," he said.

Atlantic County had crews out Monday night and early Tuesday morning salting roadways, said county spokeswoman Linda Gilmore.

"Motorists should continue to exercise caution as there could be some areas of black ice. Sidewalks and pavements could also be icy as a result of last night’s freezing rain. Temperatures are expected to rise above freezing today which should help," Gilmore said. 

Many roads in Brigantine are slippery and still have snow on them, police said in a statement. Multiple vehicles have spun out or gotten stuck, police said. 

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