A Camden County man who lived in Folsom at the time of his arrest on child molestation charges was indicted yesterday by a state grand jury, acting Attorney General John J. Hoffman announced

Bernard Cahill, 55, allegedly molested a teenage girl and took sexually explicit photos of her while she slept. He was charged with aggravated sexual assault, sexual assault, impairing or debauching the morals of a child under 16, photographing a child in prohibited sexual acts, distribution of child pornography, offering child pornography, aggravated criminal sexual contact, invasion of privacy, criminal sexual contact and possession of child pornography.

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Cahill was arrested in April 2012 in “Operation Watchdog” a multi-agency investigation that targeted offenders who distributed images and videos of child pornography online. While investigating Cahill’s alleged sharing online, investigators discovered sexually explicit images in Cahill’s computer he allegedly had taken of a 16-year-old girl. He lived in Folsom at the time of the alleged criminal conduct.

An investigation revealed Cahill allegedly touched and penetrated the 16-year-old victim sexually with his fingers while she slept and pulled aside her shorts or pulled up her shirt to take photos of her exposed private areas, which he shared online. It is also alleged he spied on and photographed the victim from the age of 13. He allegedly photographed her nude and while she was engaged in sexual conduct.

A forensic review of his computer allegedly revealed approximately 1,000 images and 300 videos of child pornography, which investigators allege he shared online.

The case was assigned to Atlantic County, where Cahill will be ordered to appear at a later date for arraignment. 

Braden Campbell

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