MIDDLE TOWNSHIP — Outside Kelsey Acker’s fifth-grade classroom is a sign that says “Acker’s Golf Course.”

Inside, the students in the gifted and talented class at Middle Township Elementary School No. 2 debuted their mini golf course science projects.

Students used card board, shoe boxes, bottle caps and any other materials to fashion tiny fairways. Putters, some made with a 3-D printer, hit a small plastic ball down the course.

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The students have worked on the projects in class every day since the second week of school. But this was more than just fun and games.

“Our first chapter was focused around area and volume,” Acker said. “(The project) took the idea of area and blended it with science and engineering and technology.”

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Acker said she had a golf professional come into her class and teach the students the “attack angles” of the putter and what it is made of.

On Friday, the groups of students showed their parents the work.

A group of students — Danny Brady, 10, Evan Jack, 10, Michael Zarfati, 11, and Jarrod Carlson, 10 — chose to make their course a steep incline propped up by a shoe box with pictures of Cinnamon Toast Crunch around the sides.

“It is possible to get a hole in one,” Brady said. “Not many people have done it though.”

Another group of students — Aaliyah Jonassaint, 10, Parker Lengle, 11, and Kiara Mollenkof, 10 — had a broken-up geode as obstacles around the course and used a bottle cap as the hole. Some of the putters were made from the 3-D printer, and Jonassaint spent 20 to 30 minutes painting around the outside.

“It’s been two months of excitement and really hard work,” Acker said. “This is what they’ve been waiting for.”

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