Boardwalk Cats

In an April 19, 2012 photo, feral cats roam the beach at a cat-feeding station off the Boardwalk near Pennsylvania Avenue in Atlantic City.

GALLOWAY TOWNSHIP — A neonatal kitten care workshop Saturday morning at the township’s branch of the Atlantic County Public Library aims to teach residents how to care for rescued unweaned kittens.

The workshop will be held at the library, 306 E. Jimmie Leeds Road, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and is sponsored by Alley Cat Allies and in partnership with the National Kitten Coalition.

“Unweaned kittens — kittens who require around-the-clock care, including bottle feeding every few hours — are one of the largest groups of animals ‘euthanized’ every year,” according to a news release. “In fact, kittens are a large part of the 70 percent of cats who are killed after entering shelters across the country.”

Rosemarie Crawford, director of educational programs, instructor and co-founder of the National Kitten Coalition, will teach residents what to do when they find newborn kittens, including how to assess their condition, stabilize them, keep them warm and bottle-feed them.

In addition, Alice Burton, Alley Cat Allies’ associate director of animal shelter and animal control engagement, will share her firsthand experience of rescuing kittens in the field.

Residents can register by emailing; reservations are due by Wednesday. Everyone who registers and attends will receive a free tote bag filled with goodies for their cats and themselves.

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