A North Wildwood resident went to the Rio Grande ShopRite on Saturday for a hoagie, but he got a lot more than that.

Mike Brown was ordering sandwiches at the supermarket’s luncheonette at about noon when he heard a woman scream. The off-duty EMT looked around the corner and saw a man collapsed on the ground. A moment later, a page for the store’s medical team went out over the intercom.

Brown rushed to the man and told the medical team he is an EMT. He felt for the man’s pulse and, noticing there was none, initiated CPR. At the same time, he directed ShopRite staff to grab the store’s automated external defibrilator.

Once the device had charged, the staff applied its paddles to the man but it said not to administer a shock. Brown resumed CPR, and less than a minute later the man began breathing.

By the time EMTs arrived, the man had awoken and was speaking. He was transported to Cape Regional Medical Center.

Brown has spent about 15 years as an EMT for the Wildwood Crest Rescue Squad and the Wildwood Volunteer Fire Department. He said he has about a half-dozen saves in that time.

Despite his heroism, Brown credited the ShopRite staff, saying he was simply in the right place at the right time.

“Everything went book-wise, the way it should have gone,” he said. “Whoever does their training at ShopRite, their people did a marvelous job.”

Brown said he did not know the man’s name and Middle Township police were unable to release his identity Wednesday night. 

Braden Campbell