An accused pimp’s plan that allegedly involved training prostitutes to drug and rob their customers led to the death of a New York man, a judge said Thursday.

Dewight Greer is accused of causing the drug-induced death of Kevin McDevitt Jr., 21, who died in an Atlantic City motel Aug. 31, 2010.

On Thursday, Superior Court Judge Kyran Connor joined those charges with Greer’s indictment for alleged human trafficking, saying it was all part of “the Greer plan.”

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Greer allegedly recruited prostitutes, got them hooked on drugs to ensure their subservience, and then trained them on how to rob customers.

“This entailed providing drugs to johns in order to neutralize his natural instincts not to give up information,” Connor said. “It turns out, Mr. McDevitt died as a result.”

The separate indictments involve the same time frame, same locations and same characters, the judge said. Any prejudice the joining of the charge might have is “the byproduct of the defendant’s own design,” he said.

Ines Rodriguez and Iyerusale Bihon have both admitted to using McDevitt’s ATM card to steal more than $6,000 from his account. As part of the plea agreement, they are expected to testify against Greer when he goes to trial, which is set for Feb. 16.

Greer sent letters to Rodriguez while both were in the Atlantic County jail, according to information released in court Thursday. But the content of those letters was not released.

Rodriguez, 32, is free on bail.

Bihon, 32, pleaded guilty Nov. 22, 2013, then was released on her own recognizance with a monitoring bracelet.

But on Dec. 8, she removed the bracelet and fled. She was arrested in February for solicitation in Maryland. She is jailed pending sentencing.

McDevitt’s parents, Kevin and Theresa McDevitt, have been fighting to have Greer charged with murder in their son’s death. On the fourth anniversary of Kevin Jr.’s death, they started a website in hopes of getting witnesses who could build such a case.

They cannot understand how their son — a third-semester criminal justice major with no drug history — could wind up dead with an amount of drugs that a pathologist hired by the McDevitts said could be fatal even in someone “with a developed tolerance.”

“The manner of death in this case is best certified as undetermined (since) homicide cannot be excluded as this time and additional investigation is needed to exclude the actions of another resulting in his death,” wrote David Fowler, Maryland’s chief medical examiner. He was hired by the McDevitts to investigate the case.

But the official Sept. 1, 2010, autopsy done by then-Atlantic County Medical Examiner Hydow Park found no signs of trauma or intravenous injection sites.

Two weeks later, Park used toxicology results to determine the cause of death to be “multiple combined drug intoxication” and manner of death as “accidental.”

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