Atlantic City Council wants a “thorough investigation” into how 31 parolees — including 17 registered sex offenders — were placed in a city motel without notification to the police or administration.

“This shouldn’t have happened,” Council President Speedy Marsh said in introducing a resolution at Wednesday’s City Council meeting asking for a full investigation into the matter. “They were directed to that particular hotel. It is right near the Martin Luther King school complex. It is right in front of Pop Lloyd Stadium.”

A meeting is scheduled with the State Parole Board today, Public Safety Director William Glass told the council, and he expects to get some answers then.

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The parolees were bused out of town Tuesday, after an investigation sparked last week, when Mayor Lorenzo Langford found the parolees had been sent to the Sunset Inn.

“There were Megan’s Law sex offenders they were trying to sneak in here,” City Councilman George Tibbitt said, saying it’s less than 500 feet from the school.

Councilman Frank Gilliam said he was especially taken aback to find the parolees were placed in the motel behind his home, where he allows his son to ride his bike.

There are currently 300 parolees in the city, Gilliam said. “They have to go somewhere.”

“I know people have to go somewhere, but my concern is, there is a law people have to be notified,” Marsh said.

The 17 sex offenders were Tier 1, Langford told residents. They are considered the least likely to re-offend.

Councilman Steve Moore credited residents for notifying the administration about what they saw.

“They were on it,” he said.

Assemblyman Chris Brown, R-Atlantic, said he was alerted Friday by Atlantic City Schools Superintendent Donna Haye and the school board’s legal secretary.

“Needless to say, I was shocked and angry that this was happening,” he said, adding he called Jim Plousis, the Parole Board chairman, who acted quickly.

“We are attempting to deal with all of the social service challenges in the city and resort — preventing Greyhound Therapy and relocating Sister Jean’s Kitchen and the John Brooks Recovery Center,” Brown said. “Properly locating certain social services away from schools and outside of the Tourism District will ultimately provide the greatest benefit to the city and its families and to the state.”

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