Before she leads two couponing seminars locally in June, Maggie Miller wants to dispel a myth about advanced thrift tactics.

“A lot of people think couponing is about scrimping and saving, and living on beans and rice,” said Miller, of Centreville, Md. “But couponing is about having more — more money to do the things you want to do.”

Miller has been blogging at for three years and couponing for much longer. On June 12, she’ll give two Press of Atlantic City-sponsored seminars in Somers Point.

She said her seminars cover the wealth of newspaper coupons and online coupons, which she calls “printables,” but go beyond to “little things people do all the time to help them save money.”

One important example is a rewards credit card, which turns paying bills and making purchases of all kinds into significant savings.

“I had about $900 in card rewards one year and traded them in for gift cards around Christmas time,” Miller said.

A big new trend is text-message coupons, sent to your phone by many major retailers including Red Box, Chick-fil-A, Target, JC Penney, Payless Shoes and Old Navy, she said.

“They’re sent directly to your phone and all you do is show your phone,” she said. “And you don’t need a special phone. Only one of the text coupons in my e-book, ‘The Top 100 Mobile Text Coupons,’ requires a smart phone.”

Miller said she also talks about the benefits of melding meal planning and purchasing, which reduces waste, cuts prep time and “saves the dinner hour and brings the family together, while saving money.”

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