The light show at Boardwalk Hall continues to evolve — this time with people.

Producers of the show on Tuesday unveiled the fourth and last planned installment of the popular nightly tourist attraction on the Atlantic City Boardwalk.

This show, titled “AC Dreamin’” features two people who, after taking a train ride to the resort, discover a variety of majestic things the city has to offer. It features the same assortment of animation, music, video and 3-D lighting as the three other shows that have been produced over the past year, but this time they added a story with people and narration, said Producer Genevieve Forest of the Montreal-based production company Moment Factory.

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The company also produced “Duality” last summer and “Winter Sweet” last winter. The third show, “Boardwalk Beat,” debuted this summer and featured a collection of locally themed music and attractions.  

Forest said the feedback they received was that people liked seeing local places, and so after collaborating with the Atlantic City Alliance, they decided on a story of two people touring the city.

In the eight-minute video, which will debut at Boardwalk Hall at 10 p.m. Thursday, the two people stay in a luxurious hotel, enjoy rides and games on the Boardwalk, and observe an underwater beach. The producers opted not to identify specific locations to add a more dreamy and imaginative feel.

“In a dream anything is possible,” said Moment Director of Multimedia Mareike Lenhart. “They’re exploring the magic of Atlantic City.”

The company spent about four months developing all of the lights and music in Montreal, and then spent a week in the resort making sure it will work on the Boardwalk Hall’s facade.

The 200-square-foot wall will be filled with 15 million animated pixels and more than two dozen speakers will create a surround sound system.

The alliance estimates 212,500 people have seen the shows since the summer of 2012. They are a popular free event to help draw people to the Boardwalk.

ACA Director of Communications Ed Salavato said there currently are not negotiations to hire Moment Factory to produce more shows, but they would be willing to work with them again.

“We could not be happier (about the shows),” he said. “They’re a dream team to work with.”

Now that four shows have been created, Salvato said the alliance can run the shows throughout the year and also show multiple shows in the same night.

The ACA partners with the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority to fund the project. The ACA does not release how much the production costs, citing a confidentiality agreement that the agencies signed with Moment Factory.

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