People waiting for public transportation in Atlantic City will soon be able to do so in the light, no matter what time of day it is.

The Casino Reinvestment Development Authority has issued a request for proposals to install electricity to 50 bus and jitney shelters in the Tourism District. Proposals from companies are due back March 26, and the work should be completed within about two months after a vendor is selected, according to bid documents.

Adding lights to the shelters is part of the CRDA’s continued initiative to make the district cleaner and safer — with the lighting hopefully bringing an added sense of security for those waiting for buses and jitneys, officials said.

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The bus shelters will be equipped with fluorescent lights, half of which will come on at dusk. The other half will be motion-activated, turning on only when there is activity in the shelters. That will also make it easier for drivers to see that people are waiting at a particular stop, CRDA spokeswoman Kim Butler said.

“It’ll be a cue to the drivers, which is an added function in addition to the clean and safe initiative,” Butler said.

In October, the CRDA began installing new shelters in the Tourism District. Months earlier, Clear Channel Communications tore down the existing shelters after its contract with the Special Improvement Division of the CRDA expired and the company determined the venture was not profitable enough.

The CRDA’s new contract with Handi-Hut, of Clifton, Passaic County, nearly doubled the amount of shelters throughout the city from 35 to 62. Fifty of the new shelters are within the Tourism District. Another 12 were purchased for the city outside of the Tourism District and have yet to be installed.

The proposal for electricity only includes shelters within the Tourism District, Butler said. It would be up to the city to bring electricity to the shelters outside of the district.

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