Actor Caroline Gottlieb, 24, had just moved from Margate to Los Angeles in October when she got a call about a feature film job - in South Jersey.

"She had packed up and left to follow her dream," said mom Lisa Gottlieb, of Margate. "Two weeks later, (director) Ben Hickernell walked into Steve and Cookie's and spoke to Cookie Till about filming in the restaurant."

Known for his independent film "Lebanon, Pa.," he was making a new film called "Hell of a View," about a group of friends who experience Hurricane Sandy.

Till told Lisa Gottlieb. Caroline Gottlieb, a graduate of the Pace University Theater program, auditioned via video. She was given a speaking role as a friend of the main character, played by Hunter Parrish, who portrays Mary-Louise Parker's son in HBO's "Weeds."

Caroline Gottlieb said it was almost surreal to work on a film with such well-known actors, then go home to her parents house at night.

Filming lasted through November. Caroline Gottlieb is in scenes at Lucy the Elephant, Steve and Cookie's, in the Longport beachfront home of her parents' friends Susan and Brad Stone, and at Dusk in Caesars Atlantic City.

They also filmed at a set built as a hurricane-damaged restaurant, next to Malelani Cafe in Ventnor, where actors and crew spent a lot of time, Caroline Gottlieb said.

The film credit helped her earn her Screen Actors Guild card. The film is set for release in 2014.

Lisa Gottlieb, a fitness instructor who runs One on One Weight Loss in Margate, and husband Daniel, a UBS financial adviser, also have a son, Gregory, 20, who is a junior at the University of New Hampshire.

Real bonds

Wednesday's story in this column about adoptive mom Nancy Fiedler, of Galloway Township, and her son Eric Nail's relationship with his birth mother, Maureen Kennedy, of White Plains, N.Y., inspired many people. But the headline, which used the term "real mother" to refer to Kennedy, hurt and angered many.

Ronee Groff, of Egg Harbor Township, an educator whose daughter adopted a son from Guatemala, said there is still a lot of insensitivity and ignorance about adoption, with people saying adoptive parents aren't "real parents." Such talk fails to honor their families and is wrong, she said.

Fiedler shared a poem by Fleur Conkling Heyliger, posted at

"Not flesh of my flesh/ Nor Bone of my bone,/ But still miraculously my own.

Never forget for a single minute,/ You didn't grow under my heart,/ But in it."

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