Save a Lot grocery store will distribute food, water and paper products starting at 5 p.m. today at the Atlantic City Convention Center for people returning to the resort after a five-day mandatory evacuation for Hurricane Sandy.

The company will bring enough supplies to last a week for 500 people, spokeswoman Chon Tomlin said, The supermarket chain has a location in Renaissance Plaza at Atlantic and New York avenues.

Jitneys will help transport people to and from the Convention Center, where buses will bring back people from shelters as well.

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Mayor Lorenzo Langford will announce further post-storm plans at noon today.

Gov. Chris Christie approved Langford's request to reopen the city effective 10 a.m.

Anxious to return, residents skirted police blockades by walking back along four-lane Route 40 yesterday. Others took boats. They and the roughly 7,500 people who stayed behind found - in many cases - their houses badly damaged by flooding as deep as eight feet in some places.

Officials put dumpsters at local public schools to help manage what's anticipated to be an overwhelming volume of trash as people throw out water-logged carpeting, furniture, clothes, electronics and other items.

Test results released last night cleared up concerns about potential tap water contamination. Police also surveyed the city last night and found were satisfied that enough traffic and streets lights were working again.

Casinos also can resume operations, effective 10 a.m., but most local companies won't do that right away.

Atlantic Club Casino Hotel issued a statement this morning saying they'll open again Monday.


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