Maggie Seymour, 17 of Absecon, left, Jess Shaffer, 18 of Egg Harbor Township , and Tara Smith, 18 of Tuckerton,  pose for a picture during Holy Spirit High School Graduation at Assumption Regional Church in Galloway Township Thursday, May 30, 2013.

GALLOWAY TOWNSHIP — Holy Spirit High School’s Class of 2013 received some good advice on life during their commencement ceremony from Principal Susan Dennen.

“Get on with it. Not only living, but living well. In the future may you not only find a job, but also your vocation,” Dennen told the 152 graduating seniors seated inside the Church of the Assumption.

After a Mass, valedictorian Logan Marie Kesel told the crowd that in preparing for her speech, she at first sat and stared at her computer for about two hours because she couldn’t figure out what to say after writing her introduction.

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“Up until this point, the most profound words I had ever written were on my Twitter page, but this was far more challenging,” Kesel said.

But then it came to her, with a little help.

“Some of you may or may not know this, but ever since I found out I would be giving this speech, I began writing a list of notes in my phone of anything that I could use — in this list there were memories, quotes, things I heard while watching motivational speakers on YouTube, inspiring tips of advice from the Catholic channel, corny jokes, random thoughts that came to me,” Kesel said.

She told her fellow graduates that destiny is not a nice car, huge house, a ton of money, but instead, destiny is the journey.

And she also spoke about survival and what the class had been through over the last year.

“In this year alone, we have survived more than you may think. A major hurricane, the threat of nuclear war every other day, the Mayan calendar predictions. Well, you get the idea. We've been through a lot,” she said.

Salutatorian Lauren Leigh Turner told the graduates that four years ago most, were probably dreaming of this day and thinking that it would never come. Now it felt surreal to be graduating, Turner said.

High school is a lot more than just homework and projects, and the best memories can be made on the sports fields, in the locker rooms or on stage in front of an auditorium full of people, she said.

“That is why when you look to your left and right, you don’t just see your peers and classmates. When you look around the room you see your teammates, your fellow actors and actresses, and most of all your closest friends,” she said.

Like Kesel, Turner also spoke of how Hurricane Sandy changed her senior year and the final year of their high school career for her classmates.

After the storm, students made trips to communities that were hardest hit during the hurricane to assist with cleaning out houses and collecting donations, Turner said.

The students also prayed, Turner said.

“My dad has always said to me, ‘A good person takes care of himself; a great person takes care of others’. Holy Spirit has truly taught us how to take care of others,” she said.

In a sea of blue and gold graduation gowns, the graduates cheered as they left the church to the traditional playing of the Notre Dame fight song by the Atlantic City Sandpipers made up of firefighters and police officers.

“It’s become a tradition for about the last five years. We adopted the song,” said Vice Principal Jay Connell.

List of graduates

Palma Michele Accardi

Alexa Nicole Argentina

Matthew Ibrahim Assad

Katie Elizabeth Bainbridge

Michaela Maria Baldino

Jacalyn Rose Barrella

Nicholas William Baxter

Autumn Rae Bell

Robert Angelo Bell

Michael Scott Bengis

Christine Ann Betar

Frederick Ronald Hadley Bishop IV

Dakota Alexander Bocelle

Michael John Boris

Amanda Elizabeth Boselli

Megan Elizabeth Bottino

Rebecca Lauren Bross

Gemma Maria Tam Bunting

Zachary William Burke

Marybeth Malone Cates

Anna Leslie Cincotti

Melissa Anne Clark

Erin Allison Coffman

Eric Robert Conklin

Taylor Ann Crawford

Miles Reese Dawn

James Peter Deleener

Jason Andrew DeWaters

Molly Kathryn Dinoto

Sha'mar Lendal Dixon

Morgan Cecilia Doelp

Stephen Francis Domonoski

Allyson Sandra Donahue

Eleni Dimitrios Dounoulis

Shayne Edward Dugan

Gianna Coeli Navarrete Enriquez

Pauline Anne Navarrete Enriquez

Bret A. Favre

John Chester Feret

Riley Anne Ferry

Bethany Rebecca Feuerstein

Erin Maureen Finnerty

Angela Marie Franzoni

Christina Galanos

Madison Marie Gallagher

Valerie Eris Garofalo

Shawn Michael Garry

Melissa Garzon

Molly Maureen Gibbons

Emily Theresa Giegerich

Anthony Vincent Gitto

Jonathan Matthew Grossman

Deja Kelsey Hammie

Dayna Marie Hartley

Brooke Lauren Heiland

Christopher August Herse

Alexandra Summer Hesley

Allison June Hewitt

Emily Maureesa Higbee

Kelly Theresa Higgins

Richard Joseph Hopkins Jr.

Chelsea Alexandra Hull

Billy Huynh

Haena Hwang

Kaitlin Elizabeth Hyson

Sofia Maria Iaconelli

Dana Rachelle Jarvis

John Norman Johnson

Dakota Dalton Johnson

Kathleen Megan Kane

Michael Adam Keenan

Tyler Liam Kelly

Michael Leonard Kerley

Logan Marie Kesel

Nicole Anna Kilar

Joseph Thomas King Jr.

Rachael Allie Klaiss

James Korsah-Brown

Shannon Marie La Sala

Haily Jo Lavallee

Gina Marie Lewis

Karli Nicole Libbey

Kayla Lynn Libbey

Victoria Cecile Light

Erica Marie Lombardi

John William Magee

Kerin Elise Maguire

Chase Reed Malia

Michael Joseph Marchiano

Vanessa Marin

Nicole Natasha Maslowas

Brian Joseph McCline

Alexis Lynn McDuell

Patrick Thomas McFadden

Sean Manus McGettigan

Connor Joseph McNally

Janel Dana McNichols

Nicholas Alexander Meusburger

Paul Wellington Moore III

Shane Patrick Morrell

Celia Rose Morrison

James Robert Muller

Joanna Catherine Muller

Joseph Kenyon Nesbit

Zyier Tie'ren Nicholson

Taylor Leigh Noecker

Liam Daniel Nolan

Justin Michael O'Neill

Thoai T. Ong

Marisa Ann Owen

Kristianna Rose Pallitto

Michael Edward Penate

Anthony Joseph Pettigrosso

Danielle Jacklyn Pouleres

Marina Grant Poupart

Fawn Rae

Caitlin Elizabeth Randik

Mark-Anthony Rassmann Jr.

Aadil Wali Rathore

Matthew Robert Reale

Andrew Michael Remy

Justin Patrick Rumpf

Jody Evan Salani

Joel Michael Sawyer

Briana Kelsey Scott

Erica Nicole Seelig

Maggie Rose Seymour

Jessica Diana Shaffer

Tara French Smith

Ryan Christopher Solari

Edward Frank Sooy

Victoria Elizabeth Steger

Matthew Anthony Stewart

Kiersten Mary Stone

Amelia Jane Suarez

Kristin Elise Suckiel

Ryan McKenzie Sullivan

Michael Vincent Teti

Damen Stephen Tomassi

Fiona Rouhshy Tran

Joseph Paul Treen

Pierce Allen Triboletti

Leo Edward Troy IV

Lauren Leigh Turner

Julie Anne Walker

Annie Lynn Wenz

Christopher Joseph Wenz

Gannon Patrick White

Sally Ann Widmann

Thomas Joseph Wolf

Andrew Robert Young



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