Bryan Mercer

Bryan Mercer owns Mainspring Social Media in Galloway Township.

Business: Mainspring Social Media


Upland Avenue, Galloway Township

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Owners: Bryan Mercer, 25, and sister Erin Mercer, both

of Galloway Township

Employees: Owner operated

Phone: 609-626-1195

Mainspring Social Media is a social media management company, which means we create and manage pages such as on Facebook and Twitter for local businesses.

We post photos, announcements, specials and events, as well as answer customer questions and comments.

Many local business owners have a hard time maintaining their own social media pages. Some are busy with other tasks, some may not understand social media, so allowing us to do it gives them a professional and local service.

The first thing we do, for free, is we assess where they are right now with the pages. Some businesses don’t have them, others may be using them improperly.

Then we’ll meet with them at their business to go over our plan and our strategy on how to best use social media.

We have a client in Northfield, Chido Burrito, and there are sites such as FoodSpotting that are solely for restaurants, and obviously a place that doesn’t sell food might not benefit from that.

We can show a business owner what tools they have and help generate the content to put on sites such as that.

For Galloway Dental, we took photos of their offices and the tools they use, so people can feel familiar with the place before they step inside.

It’s nice working in Galloway, where I grew up. Now I get to share things I like, such as Lindy Hops Homemade Ice Cream.

We’re able to monitor the pages throughout the day, so if someone asks, ‘What time do you close,’ or, ‘What are your specials today,’ or, ‘Do you have any coupons available?’ we can answer quickly.

There is so much to do on social media, whether contests, events, pictures, that having a service such as ours can benefit the business.

Pricing is usually on a case-by-case basis, but generically it’s a couple hundred dollars a month. That can change depending on the size of the business and the amount of service needed.

Entry: I went to school for journalism and worked in television news in New York state, where I also did their social media. My sister worked in marketing in Atlantic City casinos, and one of her responsibilities was also social media.

The future: We started with an Atlantic County focus and are ready to branch out to the rest of South Jersey.

Business Editor Kevin Post

Been working with the Press for about 27 years.

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