Birch Fire

Cardiff and Bargaintown fire departments responded to a chimney fire Tuesday at a home on Birch Avenue in the Cardiff section of Egg Harbor Township.


EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP - The occupants of a Birch Avenue home put out a chimney fire on their own Tuesday in the Cardiff section of the township.

At about 7 p.m., the Cardiff Fire Department received a call about a chimney fire in a home on Birch Avenue and arrived on the scene in 6 minutes.

"Everyone was out of the house when we arrived," said Cardiff Fire Chief Gil Zonge, who estimates three people were inside the home.

The residents were able to put out the fire themselves with a bucket of water, Zonge said.

The people in the home did the right thing by calling the fire department first before attempting to out out the fire themselves, Zonge said.

Firefighters did venture onto the roof of the home, opened up the chimney and looked down to see if there was any debris or blockages, Zonge said.

"Nothing else was burning inside," Zonge said.

Twenty-five firefighters were on scene from the Cardiff and Bargaintown fire departments, Zonge said. Within an hour, the fire departments were leaving the darkened street and were heading back to their stations.

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