Ebenezer O-A Bilewu

Ebenezer O-A Bilewu recently opened Sabaina Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center at 335 E. Jimmie Leeds Road, Suite A, in Galloway Township.

Business: Sabaina Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center

Location: 335 E. Jimmie Leeds Road, Suite A, Galloway Township

Owner: Ebenezer O-A Bilewu, of Galloway Township

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Employees: Owner-operated

Phone: 609-573-5310

Sabaina Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center is a general chiropractic clinic. We see all ages, from children to adult to elderly.

We use different equipment, such as the Flexion Distraction technique and table used to correct disc herniation, and also for complaints of back pains in general and bone-on-bone back problems.

We also have hydromassage therapy, which is a dry hydromassage. Patients don’t need to undress. The hydromassage will warm the tissue naturally and relax muscle, reduce pain and improve blood flow.

The hydromassage is like a waterbed with a propeller underneath. Patients will sleep on it and a jet-like stream massages the tissues.

We also have orthotic foot equipment, for custom-made orthotics. Our equipment shows on a laptop where the irregularities are in the patient’s foot. That’s for correcting foot anomalies and back pain.

Likewise, with posture checks we can show patients on a screen what their posture looks like and the kind of correction that needs to be done.

We also offer general chiropractic therapy, spinal correction, and we also sell vitamins and supplements to our patients depending on their conditions.

We’re involved in sports chiropractics, for example, knee problems that athletes come in with. Others might have ankle, hip or foot injuries. All are connected to lower back pain.

For headaches, I run tests and find out which type of headache it is, such as tension or migraine, and tailor a treatment for it.

I talk walk-ins and also appointments, as well as emergency patients at any time.

Entry: I’m an adjunct professor of anatomy and physiology at Gloucester County College. I’ve been there about four years. Prior to that, I taught at the Harris Business School in Linwood for a year. This is my first practice.

I studied at New York Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls, earning my doctorate in chiropractic as well as a bachelor’s degree in professional studies and health sciences.

The future: I’m planning to add spinal-decompression therapy to the facility before the end of the year.

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