Staff Writer

Darrin Plumlee appeared to break down slightly Monday as he heard the murder charge against him in the killing of his girlfriend last week.

Merry Abernathy, 30, was found dead after being stabbed several times in the head and neck inside the home the couple shared on Lenape Terrace in Folsom at about

8 a.m. Friday, according to the charge read in court.

Plumlee, 43, had what were described by State Police as “superficial knife wounds” that were self-inflicted. He was charged and taken to an area hospital to be treated.

When he entered court Monday, both wrists were wrapped with bandages. He didn't appear to have any other signs of injury.

Superior Court Judge Michael Donio read him his rights and the charge. During the brief hearing, Plumlee indicated he would need a public defender.

Chief Assistant Prosecutor John Maher represented the state.