Ken Weber

Ken Weber has a restoration business in Somers Point.

Provided by Ken Weber

Business: Cape Islands Building & Restoration

Owner: Ken Weber, 58, of Ocean City

Location: 611 New Road, Somers Point

Started: 2010

Employees: 18

Sales: $3 million in 2011

Phone: 609-398-7500

Cape Islands Building & Restoration started out as a restoration company, specializing in fire, flood and smoke damage. We’ll come in if you have fire, flood or smoke and remediate the damage.

We’ll take out whatever was burnt, chemical sponge the walls and ceilings, dry and dehumidify where there are losses from water. We’ll do thermal imaging for losses on water, which allows you to see behind walls and floors to determine if there’s water penetration.

We have a state of the art machine for smoke remediation called a hydroxylator, which actually takes in air, charges the particles in the air and pulls them out.

Once we’ve remediated the property and either dried it out or eliminated the smoke smell, we’ll come back in and rebuild the property as good or better than what it was before the loss.

We’ve found that some of the homes we’ve done, such as fire losses, were total rebuilds, so now we’re an authorized Professional Building Systems modular home builder. We’ve built probably six modular homes in the last year and a half.

We’ve probably refurbished or restored 75 homes after fire or water damage. We cover mainly Atlantic and Cape May counties.

We work for property owners only. We do not work for insurance companies. We do what needs to be done to correct the problem without shorting the homeowner on the remediation or the result.

We develop our own estimates of the damages and repairs for the homeowner to present to the insurance company.

Entry: I was with GMAC Mortgage for eight years until it went out of business, and then I did some public adjusting before starting this business.

The challenge in this work is coordinating all of the men and making sure the jobs are completed on time, and working with each town’s code and construction department.

Future plans: We’re in the process of partnering with Universal Supply and Wellborn Cabinet to be the local authorized installer. We’re positioning ourselves to do more complete home makeovers and remodeling.

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