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Co-owners Judy Riordan Siciliano and husband, Ed, of Vineland, moved Riordan's Canine Boutique to Main Street in Mays Landing to increase their visibility. Judy is holding Pepe. 'Before, we were out in the woods, and the only people we would see were the people who would find us,' Judy Siciliano said. 'It's nice. It's nice to have a view of Main Street.'

Dave Griffin

Business: Riordan's Canine Boutique and Grooming Salon

Owners: Judy Riordan Siciliano, 50, and husband Ed Siciliano,

of Vineland

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5736 Main St., Mays Landing

Started: March 2013

Employees: 2

Phone: 609-829-2915

Riordan's Canine Boutique and Grooming Salon has a boutique storefront with all types of pet

outfits, and we're about to offer

the NFL line of pet clothing.

We also carry jewelry for pets, such as necklaces and ties.

On the grooming side, we groom six days a week. We offer a standard grooming price of about $35 for a small dog such as a bichon, up to $65 for a standard poodle.

We have a salon menu from which customers can add extras. These include facials and hydrating fur butter treatments, which is an ultra-rich conditioner that helps a dog's skin and releases moisturizers for 24 hours.

We do nail polishing and we do color applications. We can dye tails, ears and paws and we can even put a Mohawk on a dog.

Our standard grooming includes

a bath with a variety of shampoos and conditioners. We also clean the ears, trim the nails and check the dog all over, and dry them


The clothing isn't the kind you'd see at a department sore. We have Harley-Davidson motorcycle jackets, and can dress them as bridesmaids or for any occasion. I had one that went to a prom and got all dolled up for the day.

Entry: My mom was a groomer and it was born into me. She trained me how to groom. We used to have show dogs and we'd travel and groom. We've been into this our entire lives. She still comes in twice a week to help.

I saw the trends in grooming and realized having more options for people would be good, as long as it was affordable. So we decided to create a no-stress place for owners and pets.

Both my employees are dog groomers. Amanda Richardson, of Mays Landing, has been grooming for about six years, and Holly Dickerson, of Galloway Township, has been grooming for nine.

Future plans: We'll add a puppy massage room before the holidays. Older dogs sometimes have arthritis pain and need a little spruce of energy, and younger dogs after hard play. We massage each area of the dog and keep them nice and relaxed, using a calming lavender massage oil.


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