A new grant program launched last week is designed to help seniors and disabled people with certain expenses related to rebuilding from Hurricane Sandy.

The Home Repair and Advocacy Program grant will provide up to $5,000 and comes with personalized help from the state to navigate the complex rebuilding process.

β€œThe recovery process can be even more problematic for seniors and people with disabilities who have fixed incomes and may not have the ability to fulfill or comply with onerous insurance claim requirements,” Department of Human Services Commissioner Jennifer Velez said in a release.

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Navigating bureaucracy β€” insurance claims, construction requirements, finding contractors or sorting through requirements from other grant programs β€” has been a complaint from many as they rebuild.

To apply for the Home Repair and Advocacy grant, call 1-877-222-3737 or contact a county Aging agency.

The $8.2 million program, through the state Department of Human Services, is the latest to be announced in a series of grants paid for through a $226.8 million Social Services Block Grant New Jersey received as a share of the nearly $60 billion federal aid package Congress approved in January.

Other grant programs paid through the Social Services Block Grant include the $57 million Working Families Living Expenses Voucher Program, which provides up to six months of housing and related expenses up to $15,000. As of Friday, $1.2 million had been disbursed through this program to more than 450 households, DHS spokeswoman Nicole Brossoie said.

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