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Anthony Smedile

Atlantic City’s newest tribute to the tradition of Miss America was in the form of a statue of Miss America. A facsimile of the statue was unveiled Tuesday at the welcoming of the Miss America contestants in Atlantic City.

The statue has not yet been set in bronze, but that will be completed within the next two months.

I’m very happy to inform you that the writer of this column made the suggestion to have a Miss America statue. It was done during a television interview with Sam Haskell, chairman and CEO of the Miss America Organization on “WMGM TV Presents Pinky.” During the show, I made a suggestion that a statue of Miss America should be on our Boardwalk. Sam agreed and pointed at me and said, “I know someone who can get it done.” I told them I would get it done.

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I had an interview with Liza Cartmell, president of the Atlantic City Alliance, and informed her of the idea of having a Miss America statue on the Boardwalk, in front of Boardwalk Hall. She said it was a great idea and that she would get it done. I’m happy to inform you she lived up to her word and on Tuesday you saw a replica of what will be a bronze Miss America statute.

Without a doubt this will be the busiest photography site in Atlantic City. My sincerest appreciation to Liza for making my suggestion become a reality.

World War I Monument

Two weeks ago, this column had an item about the condition of the World War I Monument on the Albany Avenue entrance to the city, which was constructed to pay homage to those who battled in that conflict and also serves to recognize those who fought in all other conflicts since.

I received a communication from Don Guardian, director of the Special Improvement Division of the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority, listing the work to be done on the monument:

1. Remove all weeds from the top of the monument.

2. Power wash the exterior and interior of the column.

3. Remove the seal that was placed on the statue 15 years ago.

4. Clean the statue and return it to its original condition. Reseal the statute.

5. Re-point the interior marble floor and seal.

6. Develop appropriate lighting of each of the columns, interior, exterior walls and statue. Create a beautiful evening appearance.

7. Upgrade as needed landscaping surrounding the monument.

The CRDA’s board of directors approved funding for this project last May.

The exterior cleaning and weed removal and stripping of the statue is now complete.

The cleaning of the statue will take place over the next two weeks.

They will be seeking bids on the lighting package because it will be very detailed.

It is anticipated completion of this project will be in November. Without a doubt, everyone will be pleased with the both the restoration work and the yellow and white lighting that will fade in and out to light both the Greek architecture as well as the statue — “Lady in Distress”.

It is expected that there will be a formal rededication in 2014 that will be timed with the anniversary of the start of World War I or the remembrance of the war’s end on Nov. 11, at the 11th hour. That would be in order.

As one who, as a child, used to climb on that statue and salute it, I am most grateful for those who took this project on and will restore this beautiful memorial to those who fought in that war and every war since.

This column would like to express its sincerest appreciation for the concern shown by the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority and its Special Improvement Division for taking care of this monument.

Boardwalk Empire façade must move

The Boardwalk Empire façade that is located in front of the West Hall of Boardwalk Hall, has become the favorite photography site on Atlantic City’s Boardwalk. Unfortunately, as time has passed, the vinyl on the site depicting the Boardwalk of the 1920s as seen on the Boardwalk Empire HBO television show has fallen into disrepair.

The Interstate Outdoor Advertising Company, which has been taking care of the façade since building it, was ready to put up a new vinyl when we learned that it would have to be moved. A new vinyl will be put on the façade when it’s move to a new location has been completed.

Drew Katz, president of Interstate Outdoor Advertising — who not only built the façade but also financially assisted in its development — and I, who came up with the idea for this project and finally received permission from HBO to use their pictures, are most grateful to Bruce Toll for allowing us to put the support beams for the façade on his property without any remuneration. It is good to have people like him involved in Atlantic City’s development.

Many of you are aware of the fact that the entire front of the West Hall of Boardwalk Hall will soon become the site of Bruce Toll’s development of 16 retail units, which will include a couple of restaurants on that site. As the result of this development, we must move the Boardwalk Empire façade.

Our problem has been to where to move it. There are very few sections left on the Boardwalk where it would fit and be available to a multitude of those who stroll our famed wooden way. Due to Resorts Casino’s development of Margaritaville, that section of the Boardwalk has become one of its most popular sites

We found the last ideal site for this project in front of the outdoor parking lot of the Resorts Casino. Discussions have been under way with Morris Bailey, the owner of Resorts, and his executive officers as to allowing us to install the Boardwalk Empire façade at that site. Bailey called to inform me that he and his executives have agreed to allow for the installation of the façade on their site, adjacent to Irene’s Gift Shop.

Thanks to the generosity of Morris Bailey and his executives, the deal is similar to the one we had before, requiring no remuneration for the use of this site. We are very fortunate with the quality of the top-flight management and ownership of property in Atlantic City. It is anticipated that the new façade will be constructed in time for the Miss America Pageant’s Show Us Your Shoes Parade. We hope you will enjoy the new vinyl on the Boardwalk Empire façade. Thanks, Drew, and your great staff.

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