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Based on what transpired during the past couple of weeks in Atlantic City, rosy days are ahead.

At the risk of being redundant, it is good to be able to note the sales of Resorts Atlantic City and Trump Marina Hotel Casino, as well as a court’s decision to allow the Atlantic City Hilton Casino Resort to seek a buyer.

All of that was topped off by the announcement that Revel has received its funding to immediately restart construction of its facility. It must also be noted that $125 million of the tax money they will receive back from the state will be used to enhance the Southeast Inlet section of Atlantic City. The funds would be used for a park, the demolition of decrepit housing and to foster development of retail and housing units in that area.

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To date, the month of February has been very good financially for casinos. If the next several days are as good as the rest of the month, several properties will surpass February 2010 revenues. This hasn’t happened for a while.

Continuing on with good news, the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority will soon be putting out requests for proposals for the block between Mississippi and Georgia avenues, from Fairmount Avenue to the bay. It is my understanding this would be a block that would encompass a portion of the Arts District as well as moderately priced housing for those who might be involved and others interested in living adjacent to the bay.

Also to be included in the rosy picture is the news that the Seminole tribe’s Hard Rock Co. has put out requests for proposals for the varied facets of construction of a boutique casino hotel. For those who say they have heard Hard Rock will not be coming to Atlantic City, the above news speaks for itself.

Although it has not been publicly announced and no contracts have been signed, the dates for the proposed Dave Matthews Band concert at Bader Field are Friday, June 24, Saturday, June 25, and Sunday, June 26. The contract between Atlantic City and a renowned producer of concerts is in its final stages before being signed. It will provide for concerts at Bader Field for five years. 

So Atlantic City becomes the new kid on the block among nationally known concert venues. The contract assures that Atlantic City is going to be a national focal point for June concerts. There is the possibility this program could be expanded to include more than one of these types of concerts. If it does as well as anticipated, there might be another major concert in the fall. 

Representatives of the State Police have been working with the Atlantic City Police Department to set up traffic patterns for the anticipated 75,000 people who will be coming to the concert each day. It is an immense undertaking, as it will mark the first time an event of this magnitude is taking place in a select area of the city. The police have handled crowds of 750,000 for the Air Show, but that is spread out throughout the community. 

There are a lot of good things happening in Atlantic City and its environs and there are more to come. Hallelujah!

Watch your language

How bad is the use of profanity throughout our nation? In my view, it has become intolerable. We find it in too many of the cable television programs over which there is no control. It has also found its way into the major broadcasting companies that are monitored by the Federal Communications Commission. FCC officials seem to have put plugs in their ears. 

Years ago, the FCC would have fined networks that allowed profane words to be used in their programs. Too many say such words are acceptable language because they are commonly used. Listen to the lyrics of rappers and you can readily understand why cursing has grown to the extent it has. 

How bad is it? Middle school students in Mobile County, Ala., had asked for just one day when no one in the county would curse. The day was Valentine’s Day. Did it succeed? Unfortunately, no.

A California teenager started a nationwide organization called “No Cussin Club.” The aim is to urge the entire expletive-loving nation to stop using profanity. He said, “I know children who grow up in homes where profanity is as prevalent as English. The small issue is custom. The larger issue is stability. As a nation, we have gotten meaner.”

A horrible example of people using profanity is when Vice President Joe Biden dropped a curse word heard around the world as he congratulated President Barack Obama on the passage of the health care overhaul. 

Cursing is too ingrained in our society. How can we stop it? Develop substitute words when you are truly perturbed. I use “sugar” and “cheese and crackers” when I get frustrated while playing tennis. By the way, I picked up that expression from Billy “Cheese and Crackers” Hagen, a comic I saw at the Globe Burlesque Theater. It has served me well during the past 70 years.

Notes of interest

Last week, the CRDA approved funding for new lights on Atlantic City’s Boardwalk. The funds include the light standards, the bulbs and an agreement with Atlantic City Electric for upkeep of the bulbs and poles. They should be in place by the beginning of summer. 

It is also pleasing to note that Atlantic City has begun a project of installing new traffic lights in various sections of the city that will enhance the movement of traffic. More needs to be done in this area, and we can hope that will be done by the CRDA.

I recently noted that the number rolling chairs on the Boardwalk has been reduced by 40 and is now at 305. I neglected to inform you that those pushing the chairs will no longer be independent contractors, as a new city ordinance will require them to be employees of the rolling chair owners. Rental chairs on the Boardwalk rails will no longer be permitted. Owners must provide their employees with a uniform.

I hope the CRDA, in its oversight of the Boardwalk, will put the responsibility of overseeing the operation and conduct of the employees of the rolling chairs’ operators in the hands of the Special Improvement District.

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