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Anthony Smedile

A one-hour special on Hurricane Sandy that the Discovery Channel has titled “Superstorm Apocalypse” will be presented 9 p.m. Sunday.

Monty Dahm, owner and operator of Atlantic City’s Tun Tavern in the Sheraton Atlantic City Hotel, will be featured on the show. Dahm spent several hours as film crews shot various sections of the community over a two-day period. The producer called Dahm after seeing him on CNN.

Dahm lives in the Inlet section of Atlantic City near Gardners Basin and had 5 feet of water in his home.

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 Dahm pointed out various sections of the community and told Discovery that although the Boardwalk in the Inlet was damaged, it was supposed to have been torn down several years ago. It was the only portion that was damaged out of the entire Boardwalk.

 I understand the show will have meteorologists and scientists to discuss various aspects of storms of this magnitude.

Monty kept his restaurant open during the storm to feed the first responders who provided aid and assistance to those who didn’t get out of town during the storm. I’m interested in seeing  how the Discovery Channel shows the storm and the damage that it caused.

Hope 6 project

The Casino Reinvestment Development Authority is working with Procida Realty on loan terms to advance the construction of 19 affordable homes priced at $175,000 within the Eastwind Project. In addition, Procida plans to construct an additional 38 homes through the Choice Program offered through the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency.

 The CRDA has approved an amendment to its agreement with the Atlantic City Housing Authority and Procida Homes for 72 new units of work force housing and 19 units of Procida-built market-rate homes. The CRDA is closing on its 60th home this month.

Potential buyers have the opportunity to buy their first home using the 10 percent down payment assistance loan program currently offered by the Atlantic County Improvement Authority, which also allows for up to $5,000 in additional funds for closing costs.

Nuisance properties

The city is making a great effort to identify and require nuisance properties to be renovated and legally occupied or demolished. Under the process, a repair/demolition hearing is held. The property owner has two options: demolish the building, or renovate and occupy. If the latter is selected, a six-month window of time is provided.

If the owner is unresponsive, the city will declare the building subject to demolition and begin the demolition process: identify funds;  obtain City Council approval to bid; advertise for bids; select the lowest responsible bid; confirm sufficient funds; seek counsel approval to bid; sign bid contracts; secure utility releases; abate any asbestos; and finally, demolish.

Depending on the location; once the building is demolished, a lien is placed on the property that the CRDA will reimburse the city. The reimbursement allows the city to continue at an aggressive pace as sufficient funding levels are maintained. In the future, the CRDA reimbursements will  be limited to those in the Tourism District.

Please forward property addresses that you believe should be subjected to this process to Anthony Cox, Atlantic City’s director of licenses and inspections.

Boardwalk empire

The following is an email I received from Mortimer Spreng, a Ventnor resident who used to reside on Virginia Avenue.

“I read your column and I know you’re a huge fan of the show ‘Boardwalk Empire,’ as am I. I just wanted to let you know that I worked on the show all season as a background actor. I’ve been included on the set behind the character Richard Harrow in the season’s premiere.

“I have played a variety of characters — a bartender, a convict, a family man, a WWI veteran — on many episodes throughout the season and being on the Boardwalk is truly a magical experience, especially at night when it is all lit up. It’s also rather special to be working on the show and being an Atlantic City local. I would tell my fellow background actors stories about Atlantic City during breaks in filming, most of them they wouldn’t believe.

“I am happy you are such a fan of the show and I can guarantee you that big things are coming this season. I can’t wait to see what happens myself, and I actually know a few of the major plot points.”

 Thanks for your note Mortimer. It is nice to know we have a local light that is part of the show. The show has certainly taken a lot of twists and introduced quite a few new actors. Executive producer Terence Winter and HBO are to be commended for creating this exciting show that keeps the name of Atlantic City in millions of people’s minds. It is my understanding that the show is now in 35 countries around the world. I was recently in Panama and saw the show there in Spanish.

Helpful Ambassadors

Do you ever wonder what the Ambassadors do besides stand around on the Boardwalk and Pacific and Atlantic avenues in their bright shirts?

They have a variety of different activities in which they have been involved for the betterment of the community. They have been responsible for the arrest of several individuals, either witnessing crimes or having them reported to them. The Atlantic City Police Department has raved about their assistance.

They have appeared at hearings and provided statements and testimony to determine rolling chair operators’ fitness to work on the Boardwalk.

They have become the concierges of the Boardwalk, providing assistance and information for visitors. They are to be commended for the excellent job they are doing.

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