A strong rumor just came out of the mill that says the jam band Phish will play the Halloween weekend of their fall tour in Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall as they did three years ago. WOW! This will bring a lot of excitement to our seashore resort.

We can expect them to play a concert in costume covering another artist’s album. If you were there in 2010, you heard a cover of Little Feat’s live album, “Waiting For Columbus.” It is anyone’s guess as to what they will play this year. Personally, I am pulling for Led Zeppelin.

This will be a big coup for Atlantic City. Phish’s first concert in the city took place in Boardwalk Hall in October 2010. They filled every space in the hall, and it was a tremendous success. Last spring, Phish came back to Atlantic City to perform in Bader Field and drew a big crowd that set the pace for the other bands that followed them.

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Performing again at Boardwalk Hall will bring a lot of joy to those whose jobs depend on gratuities for their service. At the conclusion of Phish’s first appearance here, cabdrivers, waiters and waitresses, bartenders and all others who provide services raved about how generous and pleasant the Phish followers were.

It was an exciting time, and as this will be the first concert on their fall tour, it is anticipated that tickets will be sold out within minutes of being put on sale. The specific date for the sale has not yet been announced.

Obviously, Phish enjoyed playing in Boardwalk Hall or they wouldn’t be coming back. It is also a compliment to Atlantic City, as the band had a warm, friendly experience here for the three days. I hope this will set Atlantic City in their future years’ concerts.

If it goes as it has in the past, it should be anticipated that other groups of their magnitude will be looking to play Boardwalk Hall. Since we did not have any concerts with big-name groups this summer, this could open the door for others to follow them. More information about this will be forthcoming.

No traffic engineer

Atlantic City has not had a traffic engineer for well over 15 years. That is why the traffic situation throughout the city is an abomination. Last Saturday, I drove from Ohio Avenue toward Albany Avenue and was stopped at every block with a red light. This is unacceptable, and yet nothing has been done to improve the traffic situation.

The city needs to hire a traffic engineer who will come in and lay out a program for them, but they can’t afford it. I had written in the past that the CRDA had come up with a plan for the city's traffic light situation. It is time for it to be implemented.

Horse racing on the beach

The American Palio Horse Race on the Beach will be a major event. It will be held during Columbus Day weekend. It is anticipated more than 50,000 viewers will be drawn to this unusual event of horse racing on the Atlantic City beach.

It was originally to have two days of racing but, the horse trainers and owners said their horses would not participate in races that do not allow them to rest a week between races. At the present time, the race is scheduled for 2 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 13. There also has been a request by the trainers to have a turn in the race instead of being a straight racetrack. That is still being discussed and will be decided in the not too distant future.

There will be no wagering on the American Palio as it would cost more than $800,000 to put in the cameras and other equipment necessary for the running of the race with betting. Conversations continue as to how the races will be run. There may be as many as four races with the best time deciding the winner.

We will note the weekend will include the annual Columbus Day Parade that is run by a very dedicated group of people. This year, they will have more participants in the parade due to the interest there is in being in Atlantic City Columbus Day weekend.

Miss America starts exciting fall season

The list of events for September and October may be the best Atlantic City has ever had. There is something going on almost every weekend through October. That hasn’t happened before.

The Miss America Competition events will commence on Sept. 3 with all the contestants being welcomed to Atlantic City in front of Boardwalk Hall. The public is invited to attend and to give the contestants a warm reception. They will pose for the picture that will be seen all over the nation showing each state's representative.

The pageant preliminaries begin Tuesday, Sept. 10, and conclude Thursday, Sept. 12. The Show Us Your Shoes Parade will be Saturday, Sept. 14, from 5 to 7 p.m. The finals that will be televised on the ABC network will conclude with the crowning of Miss America on Sunday, Sept. 15.

One thing that we are being told is that the television show will have quite a few shots of Atlantic City’s most interesting places to visit. This is tremendous publicity for Atlantic City and, I hope, will bring more people here.

More events

While the pageant is here, there will be a professional Beach Volleyball Tournament at the New Jersey Avenue volleyball courts Sept. 6 to 8. Also in that week will be the Atlantic City Seafood Festival to be held at Bader Field on Sept. 14 and 15.

Following the pageant, there will be a 3-D Chalk Art show at the Indiana Avenue Park, formerly the site of the Sands Casino, Sept. 21 and 22. The 2013 Miss’d America Pageant will take place in the House of Blues at Showboat Casino on Sept. 21.

The exciting third annual Atlantic City Boardwalk Rodeo will be held Oct. 5 and 6 in Boardwalk Hall. In its short history, the Atlantic City rodeo has become one of the best rodeo shows in the nation. Tickets are now available, and the prices are moderate. There are special discounts for families. With the rodeo, there will be a Do AC Smoking Hot BBQ Competition at the parking lot on Albany and Atlantic avenues on both days of the rodeo.

The 2013 Atlantic City Marathon, which last year drew thousands of participants, will be held Oct. 11 to 14. The Downbeach Film Festival will be held Oct. 11-13.

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