The state Department of Health recently awarded a $1 million grant to a group that is working to improve healthcare with better information.

NJSHINE will connect Somers Point’s Shore Medical Center, Cape May Courthouse’s Cape Regional Medical Center, Underwood-Memorial Hospital in Woodbury, Gloucester County, and the South Jersey Healthcare facilities, including the South Jersey Regional Medical Center, Bridgeton Health Center, Elmer Hospital, and Vineland Health Center.

NJSHINE is a Health Information Organization, a group formed by health professionals that seeks to improve the health of patients and healthcare generally through better and more efficient use of data.

In addition to the hospitals, the DOH said NJSHINE would connect with 400 health providers and 22 practices across southern New Jersey. The exchange would allow them to have accurate and complete patient information including patient histories, medication allergies and test results. Funding comes from a federal grant.

There are four other similar exchanges in New Jersey that cover northern and central New Jersey, as well as Newark-, Trenton- and Camden-area providers.