Work to build a seawall in Atlantic City's South Inlet and reconstruct a portion of the Boardwalk that washed away during Hurricane Sandy is expected to begin this fall, the city announced.

The $35 million project has been in the planning stages for two years. Last October's storm washed away a portion of the Boardwalk in the South Inlet that was expected to be demolished and later reconstructed.

"Without this needed infrastructure, the South Inlet cannot be redeveloped, and the Boardwalk could not be connected to Gardner's Basin," Mayor Lorenzo Langford said in a written statement. "Not only are we rebuilding the Boardwalk, but we are doing it in such a way that it will be safer and stronger to protect the city's infrastructure and surrounding properties for years to come."

The Boardwalk reconstruction will occur in two segments, between Oriental and Atlantic avenues, and from Madison to Melrose avenues.

Funding for the project will come in part from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which has agreed to fund a new bulkhead with stone revetment expected to cost $25 million. Wednesday, City Council agreed to approve a $10.3 million bond ordinance to support the project, according to a statement from the city.

The city is still seeking funding from several other federal and state sources for the project but moved forward with bonding to ensure the project would begin quickly, officials said.

Last month, the state Department of Community Affairs announced the city would receive a grant of $658,138 to support the project.

Plans call for the eventual connection of the Boardwalk to Gardner's Basin by building a bulkhead and waterfront promenade starting at Caspian Avenue. The state Department of Environmental Protection recently awarded the city a $3.7 million grant for that project. The city has accepted engineering proposals for the project's design.

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