Jennifer and Thomas Dahl

Jennifer and Thomas Dahl have started a Segway touring business in Somers Point.

Business: Somers Point Bridge Tours

Location: Somers Mansion, Shore Road and MacArthur Boulevard, Somers Point

Owners: Jennifer and Thomas Dahl, of Somers Point

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Employees: Owner operated

Phone: 609-432-3176

Somers Point Bridge Tours offers views from the bridge with a different perspective. We lead tours on Segways and provide historical commentary.

A Segway is a personal electric mobility device. You stand upright holding a handle bar and control it by shifting your balance.

The transporters have two wheels and can travel up to about 12 mph. They have a zero turning radius, so they do well in crowds. You can stop and stand still on a Segway, and look at the scenery and listen to commentary, without having to use a kickstand like a bicycle.

When you want to go forward, you put the weight on your toes. When you want to stop, and they can stop very quickly, you lean backward.

Most of my clients so far are senior citizens who want to enjoy a hip experience with the grandchildren.

We depart from the Somers Mansion in Somers Point, and we cross the bridge on the separate recreational path and stop at different points of interest.

The first information kiosk has a photo of the railroad that used to go from Ocean City to Somers Point to Atlantic City. Then we stop at four overlooks at points of interest, including the Intracoastal Waterway and the former B.L. England Plant.

Then we arrive at the Ocean City Welcome Center. We get off so they can get a drink or use restrooms. I encourage people to pick up literature about what they might do on their vacations. People like to go to the upper-floor decks and look at the scenery. If I have just a couple of people, we’ll go to the top of the bridge at Ocean City.

Helmets are required. I provide helmets, or people can bring them. The minimum age is 14 and weight is 100 pounds, maximum 265 pounds.

The cost is $35 for 1½-hour tour, which includes training time.

Entry: I was a horseback tour guide in Yellowstone National Park years ago. Once my children started school, I had the time to start this.

The future: I’d like to add tours of Belleplain State Forest in Woodbine. That would be a three-hour tour and cost $85. That would remind me of my park tour days.

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