The Weymouth Township school board has adopted a $4.5 million budget for the 2010-11 school year calling for a 34-cent increase in the tax rate, Business Administrator Maggie Betz said.

Spending in the budget adopted Tuesday would increase by about $73,000, or 1.8 percent, and taxpayers will be asked to pay more to cover higher expenses and cuts in government aid. The district will get $220,838 less - an 8.6 percent decrease - in state aid this coming year and will lose $74,698 in one-time federal funding.

The tax rate under the proposed budget would increase to $2.13 per $100 of assessed value, Betz said.

Voters also will be asked if they want to reduce the school board from nine positions to seven, Betz said. The Weymouth school board has three seats to fill but no one decided to run for election. Since there are no names on the ballot, the opening - or openings - could be filled by write-in candidates or the executive county superintendent could appoint residents to the board.

The school election and budget vote will be held April 20.

Michelle Lee