MAYS LANDING - It would have been quite a feast. But, instead, 91 lobster tails got an Atlantic City man four years in prison Friday.

Anthony Jones, 38, admitted in May that he hid the frozen delicacies in his backpack and jacket, then tried to sneak them out of the Bally's Atlantic City kitchen in February. But a security worker with his eye on the surveillance camera noticed something wasn't kosher.

"His clothing was very bulky and he appeared to be concealing items beneath his clothing," police relayed at the time of the arrest.

Jones was quickly stopped and "he and the lobsters were escorted to the security holding facility to await the arrival of the police," according to the police report.

The crustacean caper was solved, but at a timely expense for Jones. Superior Court Judge Michael Donio sentenced him under the terms of the plea agreement. Jones - who has previous convictions - must serve at least three years of his four-year prison sentence, Assistant Prosecutor Diane Ruberton said.

Jones was originally charged with theft, trespassing and burglary, but the rest of the charges were dropped in exchange for a guilty plea to third-degree burglary.

As for the stolen seafood: "The lobster was destroyed," Bally's spokeswoman Alyce Parker confirmed.

The casino did not seek restitution for the food, which cost $1,275 - or just more than $14 a tail.