Atlantic City's began recovering from the storm that originated as Hurricane Sandy.

Wind gusts have ripped lamp posts out of the sidewalk and overturned utility boxes and planters throughout The Walk Outlets in the heart of the city. Traffic lights are blinking steadily red or yellow.

White vapor is pouring out of the base of Central Pier on the Boardwalk at Tennessee Avenue. Dispatch believes it is a gas leak; authorities have been notified.

The huge red "J" near the top of the Trump Taj Mahal appears to be missing from the casino's facade, and half of its other letters have stopped glowing since the storm hit last night.

Floodwaters, however, have receded throughout parts of the city from record depths yesterday of at least 6 feet. That will should make it easier for first responders to get to anyone left behind who needs help.

Atlantic City Electric crews are workiing to restore power on Pacific Avenue and other parts of the city. Most traffic lights are blinking red or yellow - or aren't lit at all.


Street lights appeared to be working in moist of the resort early this morning, but homes were dark. It is unclear how much of that was due to evacuations or outages.

Anyone who needs assistance in Atlantic City should call 609-347-5313 or 609-347-5466