Los Angeles-based Attorney Gloria Allred is scheduled to hold a press conference today at noon in front of Resorts Casino Hotel to announce the filing of a lawsuit against the casino.

Allred, who is known for various high-profile women's rights cases, is representing nine women who allege they were fired from the casino because they were not young enough to don revealing new flapper uniforms.

According to a press release sent from Allred, the suit is for sex, age and race discrimination.

"Many of the women who were fired had worked as cocktail servers at that casino for many years and received recognition for their outstanding work," reads the release. "However, they will contend in their lawsuit that they were fired because they did not fit gender and age stereotypes of what a sexy woman looks like."

In the release, Allred states all of the women were willing to wear the new outfit, but were "ultimately terminated instead in favor of much younger women who currently now have that job."