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The last time that there was mention of a water park locating in Atlantic City was over a year ago when the owner of the Diving Horse night club, on Dr. Martin Luther King Boulevard, held a press conference saying he wanted to develop a hotel with a water park. There has been no news since that press conference.

It was interesting to note that the mention of a wave park in last week's column that appeared on Thursday was followed on Saturday with a story about the new owners of the Pinnacle site that mentioned the potential for family-friendly recreation attractions, and on Sunday there was a feature story about wave parks on The Press's Travel page. Surf parks are obviously in the news and, hopefully, will become a reality in Atlantic City.

In the many years I have been writing a column, I've not received the type of reaction that last week's column had. It was not the number of emails I received about the column that surprised me. Rather it was the fact that the first three were from different parts of America. I received them before 1 p.m. on the day the column was printed. The first was from California, the second from Fort Lee, N.J., and the third from Baltimore. It showed that the Press of Atlantic City is read across the nation.

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The email from Fort Lee stated: "I came across your article regarding the idea for a Surf Park in AC. My group, Mitchell Enterprises, has recently closed on a large parcel of land that used to belong to the Sands Hotel and Casino. A Surf Park is one of the few related ideas we have been pursuing. I'd like to get your take on how we could best succeed and make this a reality. Please feel free to reach out at any point to discuss."

I called a Mitchell Enterprises representative and he went on to relate that they are looking to have a conglomeration of activities for young and old. The article about his company that appeared Saturday is very helpful in getting others interested in parts of this type of facility. It is my belief that eventually, in the not-too-distant future, they will develop this site.

The one from California stated: "Liked your article regarding an Atlantic City Surf Park. You available for brief call today or tomorrow?" I called the gentleman and he told me that he has the American Wave Machine Company. He stated that he builds wave machines, and that the costs for building one with 10 foot waves would be between $5 million and $7 million. He is currently building one in New Hampshire. He asked me to keep in touch and let them know if there is any serious consideration of a wave park.

The email from Baltimore was from a man who said he was interested making the surf park become a reality. He said his company has access to private investment. I met with him on Sunday and let them know that they have to have the financial wherewithal and the plan to put this together. He said it will be considered.

I also received an email from the local area, and the writer said, "25+ years ago I was on your show to discuss a concept I call Summer World. It is an indoor Beach and spa with the surfing pool. I once had a meeting with Steve Norton at Resorts. It went nowhere. I still live in Atlantic County but left the island after 35 years, after Sandy. I still believe a project like Summer World is still viable for do AC. ... As you mention in your article, the technology and materials are available today".

There is little doubt in my mind that having a facility with a wave pool, possibly a Dave and Busters, and other entities of that nature, together with a hotel on the Boardwalk over some retail units, would be a natural for the enhancement of Atlantic City. As further news comes in on this topic, I will certainly let you know.

Rodeo and barbecues

That is what you will have on Saturday and Sunday in Atlantic City.

The third annual Atlantic City Rodeo will bring more than 250 cowboys and cowgirls to Atlantic City's Boardwalk Hall this weekend. And if the past two rodeos were examples of what to expect, those of you who are smart enough to attend an exciting event that is fit for the entire family will have a great time at a nominal fee.

There are two shows, Saturday at 7 p.m. and Sunday at 1 p.m. Prices are moderate, and an enjoyable evening or afternoon will be had by all those in attendance.

In addition, there will be barbecue contests with 80 of the top chefs of the barbecue vying for $50,000 in prizes.

The event will be on Maryland Avenue, between Atlantic and Pacific avenues and on the lot adjacent to that area. There is no fee for those who have a ticket to the rodeo. Otherwise there is a $5 fee and, of course, you pay for whatever you order from the chefs. The best barbecue chefs in the land will be here to provide the tastiest items made by those who do nothing but travel around the country creating the most delicious barbecue delicacies you will find anywhere.

Miss America will promote

education through music

The Miss America Organization was proud to announce its new partnership with Education Through Music to support music education in schools. Joshua Bell, a world-renowned violinist and ETM board member forged the partnership when he was invited to become a judge at the Miss America competition this year.

Those of us in the area know that former state Sen. Bill Gormley and his wife, Ginny, have instituted a similar type of program for students in Atlantic City's Sovereign Avenue School. I spoke with them about the new affiliation that the Miss America Organization will have with Joshua Bell, and they said they would be happy to have them assist in the programs that they had begun and possibly spread it into other schools throughout the city. No better place for Miss America to start a new program like this with their return to Atlantic City, their birthplace.

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