Pinky Kravitz, local personality on the deck at the Pier at Caesars.

Anthony Smedile

For the first time to my recollection, the Miss America Pageant parade will be held on a Saturday evening — Sept. 14. This will be the evening before the final competitions that Sunday.

There have been other times when the parade was on the eve of the finals, which were generally held on a Saturday night. Having the parade on a Saturday will allow more people to come out and enjoy the exciting event staged by the Miss America Organization. In the past, contestants have enjoyed having the parade the eve of the finals. It will be fun.

The Sheraton Atlantic City Convention Center Hotel owns the statue of Bert Parks with his arms outstretched, placing a crown on visitors for photo ops. When you place your head under the crown, you can almost hear Parks singing, “Here she comes, Miss America.” The statue will remain in front of the Sheraton Hotel.

Latest Video

The Sheraton Hotel has 478 historical photos displayed in guest rooms from a rare private collection that’s never been publicly displayed elsewhere. The historical video on continuous display in the lobby is owned by the Sheraton Hotel. It features winning segments updated and added to original footage by the Miss America Organization.

The large painting over the entry door is by Atlantic City artist Bertha Leonard and is of the iconic Miss America Shoe Parade on the Boardwalk. Twenty-nine contestants’ actual shoes from the Miss America parade are on display in the shoe bar.

Inroads on streets

Last week’s column about the miserable condition of Atlantic Avenue between Boston and Morris avenues brought an immediate response from Paul Jerkins, director of Atlantic City’s Public Works Department. Early last Thursday morning, I received a call from Jerkins informing me that he sent a crew to the area and they were working on correcting the problems. He thanked me for informing him of this situation.

He noted that there are several problems within his department — one of which is the loss of seven trucks that were wiped out during Hurricane Sandy. He told me that several of his men are working on a project on Arctic Avenue, from Indiana to Tennessee avenues.

I told him there were several other areas in the city with potholes. He asked me to notify him of any others within the city. I, in turn, am asking you to call the Public Works department at 609-347-5700 and inform them of any potholes or street problems.

As noted last week, it is my belief that City Council members should be combing the streets in their districts and reporting any problems to Public Works.

It was also noted that the area in Gardner's Basin has too many potholes and it was to be paved, but that has not happened. Gardner’s Basin has the potential to be an outstanding attraction.

There’s been much talk about the development of Gardner's Basin, but like many other areas in the city that have been discussed, there have been no improvements. It is truly time for action — and not just reaction to complaints.

Beginning Wednesday, the Atlantic City Beach Patrol tent at Maryland Avenue that was ravaged by Sandy will be completely demolished by Public Works. The replacement for that site has not yet been set. The department has also completed the paving in front of the seawall, with parking spaces for 30 vehicles.


Have you been on the Atlantic City Boardwalk recently? If not, I am happy to inform you that the Margaritaville complex is well on its way to opening in May. For your information, this will be one of the few Margaritavilles that has all potential features.

The LandShark Bar and Grill is located on the site of the former Steeplechase Pier. The exterior of the building is nearly completed, and work on the interior is moving at a fast pace. The LandShark will have 80 outdoor tables and umbrellas around the building, with excellent views of the ocean, beach and Atlantic City’s skyline.

The Margaritaville Cafe and Bar will be located in the Boardwalk frontage of Resorts Casino Hotel. It will have more than 400 seats and will have tables on the Boardwalk with umbrellas. On the hotel side of the facility, there will be a coffee shop that is highly regarded. All of the units will have Margaritaville retail items available.

Margaritaville’s “5 o’clock Somewhere Bar” will be located in the center of the casino toward the Boardwalk. It will be on a platform, offering lots of room for people to walk around the bar and enjoy the varied scenes of Resorts.

Those of you who have been in Atlantic City for several years may be familiar with the names of Bob Cullen and Miles Lederer. Both are former employees of Caesars Atlantic City, where Cullen served as vice president of food and beverage and Lederer was manager of Planet Hollywood. Lederer will manage Atlantic City’s Margaritaville facility. Cullen is a regional general manager for Margaritaville. He just opened a new one in Cincinnati.

The Atlantic City project now tops their list of new properties. Cullen has retained his residence in Linwood, where his son is a student at Mainland Regional High School. He married Andrea Taber, the daughter of Allan and Edie Taber — one of the partners of Taber’s Toyland that had a magnificent stuffed-animals store on the site of what will become a Margaritaville facility.

Margaritaville will have a job fair to hire more than 400 people from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. April 15-18 at the Atlantic City Convention Center.

Visitation program

The Atlantic City-Puerto Rico Reciprocal Visitation Program will hold a reunion at 7 p.m. May 3 at the Atlantic City Country Club in Northfield. All former participants and friends of the program are welcome to attend. The fee is $15 per person. More than 3,000 players, family members and interested folks had been involved in the program that started in 1961 and was phased out in 1999. Please bring any memorabilia you may have from your participation.

Over the years, there have been many programs of people-to-people exchanges. However, there have been few that provided the participants what this program offered. It is interesting to note that many of those who were involved continue to maintain a relationship with the families that hosted them or they hosted.

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