New Jersey has awarded Atlantic City a $658,138 grant to rebuild the Absecon Inlet seawall and Boardwalk between Oriental and Atlantic avenues.

The state Department of Community Affairs awarded the Community Development Block/Disaster Recovery Grant to the city Thursday, Mayor Lorenzo Langford said in a statement.

The Boardwalk in Atlantic City received probably the most national media attention in the area during the storm. A several-blocks-long section of already dilapidated Boardwalk was destroyed by storm-driven waves.

But this stretch was a noncommercial section of Boardwalk paralleling Absecon Inlet that the city already had plans to demolish and rebuild to redevelop the South Inlet.

Langford said the city continues to pursue grants and every available funding source in an effort to minimize damage from future storms without burdening local taxpayers.

The latest grant follows a more than $1.1 million flood protection grant; a $400,000 grant to improve streetscaping on Atlantic Avenue; and $187,000 for resurfacing Marmora Avenue.

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