All summer, one bulky problem lurked on Helen Garofalo's street in Avalon, where second homes and rentals bring waves of vehicles looking for a good place to park.

A big boat parked on a trailer and the reduced curbside parking meant more cars parking in front of her house.

"What I did with the renters, I put a trash can in the middle of my property so they couldn't park in front," she said. "You had to put up with those cars and the big boat and you saw red."

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Avalon, which had gone for years without regulating where boat trailers could be parked, adopted an ordinance Tuesday preventing trailers from parking on public streets in the summer.

The issue spans southern New Jersey municipalities, where local laws address everything from boat trailers, buses, campers and portable storage containers.

In Galloway Township, recreational vehicles, campers and boat trailers must be off public streets from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m.

In Sea Isle City, boat trailers must be attached to vehicles to be parked legally.

Ocean City and Stone Harbor have time limits on boat-trailer parking.

Avalon's ordinance is an attempt to keep some boat owners from filling parking spaces and taking away spaces from neighbors, Borough Councilman Joseph Tipping said. They can still be parked on driveways and on private property.

"The complaints have been getting bigger and bigger every summer," Tipping said. "It's people being inconsiderate, being inconsiderate to their fellow man."

Stone Harbor had laws on the books for years limiting small boats on streets to two days.

"The boat thing came about a long time ago. People wanted to park in front of their house so they'd stick the boat trailer in front of some neighbor's house," Stone Harbor Administrator Kenneth Hawk said.

Ocean City's ordinance has a three-day limit for small boats.

"People would come down for the season and park their boat somewhere on the street, probably not in front of their own house," Ocean City Police Lt. Steven Ang said.

In the fall, when most boats come out of the water, some people who don't want to pay for storage stash them at home - or on a nearby street, especially if the owners there are summer residents.

Summer enforcement can be even more tricky when new waves of vacationers come to the shore every day and every week.

Officers who notice a trailer on the street will attempt to locate its owners and will place a bright orange sticker identifying it as a violation, Ocean City Administrator James Rutala said. If it is not removed in three days, it is in violation.

As a last resort, it will be towed, he said.

"I think more times than not, there's not a formal action taken," Rutala said.

In Sea Isle City, boat trailers can only be parked on the street if they are attached to a vehicle that tows them, City Solicitor Paul Baldini said.

The regulation is designed to keep trailers from being parked in one area for a long time, he said.

"It's difficult to enforce because it's not necessarily a high priority. Our patrol cars aren't necessarily looking for it, especially in the summer - the trailer might be parked there with six cars in front of it and six cars behind," Baldini said.

In Galloway Township, a local law prohibits parking vehicles weighing more than 4 tons, as well as school buses, recreational vehicles, campers and boat trailers, from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. on all streets, according to Township Manager Jill Gougher.

The ordinance, which was adopted in 2004, stemmed from complaints about buses and trailers, she said.

In Avalon, the boat near Garofalo's house was moved several weeks ago, Garofalo said. The makeshift trash barrier has been put away until next year.

"I'm not worried until next June," she said. "When next June comes, I'll see what's happened."

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