WEST WILDWOOD — One West Wildwood recall election was canceled in February, but another one may happen, potentially ousting a borough commissioner.

Earlier this month, a group of borough residents formed a recall committee and filed notice of intention to recall Commissioner Gerald McNamara. The notice was published Friday. The group gives “no comment” as the reason behind its intention to recall McNamara.

One of the members of the committee is Joseph Hickey, who ran against McNamara in 2008 and challenged the results of that election.

In February, Superior Court Judge Raymond Batten ruled that a recall election that could have removed Mayor Herbert Frederick from office was poorly planned and scheduled, and moving forward with the election would have been a “travesty.”

Frederick said that the latest notice to recall is most likely related to those who lost the 2008 election and those who were in office prior to him and McNamara. “It’s a bunch of people who are just sore losers,” Frederick said.

The mayor said that he expected to see a similar recall notice for himself shortly. He said that the current commission has helped the borough, and that a recall election “wouldn’t be in the best interests of the public.”

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