Sue White

Sue White works for Bollinger Insurance in Vineland.

Name: Sue White, 51, of Cape May Court House

Education: Middle Township High School

Family: Husband, Brian, and children Joshua McCarty, 31, Meghan McCarty, 28, and Ryan McCarty, 25

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Company: Bollinger Insurance Solutions, of Vineland

Position: Assistant vice president, personal lines division

Phone: 609-425-2078

Bollinger Insurance Solutions is now the 21st-largest insurance broker in the nation.

We’re a full-service agency that insures commercial and personal liability and offers property insurance, professional policies, health and life insurance for individuals or small groups, marine and more. There’s not an account that we can’t write, because if I can’t do it, I can refer it to a co-worker who can.

My job is in the personal lines division, and I like to call myself a private client adviser. I work with affluent clients who have multiple situations. There might be a trust, an LLC, they might own multiple homes in different states ... complex accounts, and my job is to consolidate all of them into one package.

For example, if they have a home in Pennsylvania, a home in Stone Harbor, a few cars, jewelry, a boat, I wrap it all into one account.

One thing that makes me successful is that I’ll work whatever hours they’d prefer. I belong to many different networking groups, and much of the business is referral-based. I belong to three different women’s groups, and women like to help women.

Entry: I started in Cape May Court House with a State Farm agent in 1992 as a secretary.

Then I went to work for an agency in Cape May, where I started as a customer service rep and became a manager. Then I became a producer and was there until 2008.

I worked for a year at a boutique agency in New York City, which was a great experience, but the driving back and forth one day a week was a little too much. From there I joined Bollinger.

I work out of the Vineland and Morristown offices of Bollinger, but most of my time is spent on the road. I only make money when I’m out of the office.

The most challenging part is finding the right carrier for the right person. I have a full-time assistant, which is great and allows me to focus on going out and selling, and not the paperwork.

I’ve made the company president’s club for top sellers for 2010, 2011 and 2012.

About me: I enjoy the beach, biking, traveling and being with my children and my husband.

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