The northern edge of Cape May County sustained significant flooding in some areas but limited property damage from high winds Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

The roof blew off of Yianni's Cafe on Asbury Avenue around 5 p.m. Wednesday night, letting water through to ruin two apartments and restaurant underneath. The debris also smashed a window in City Hall.

Flooding blocked several roads on the island on Thursday morning, but primarily affected roads that usually experience tidal flooding anyway.

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Wayne Dull, a 13-year resident of Simpson Avenue, trudged in rubber boots through the water on his road in the north end. He said the flooding there is typical, but frustrating.

"We're sick of it. We're done," he said. "We're moving some place offshore, far away from water."

On the oceanfront, it wasn't immediately apparent if the beach replenishment project in the north end suffered any significant setback from erosion. Crews were on the scene Thursday moving around sand while the dredge stayed in the inlet to avoid large waves that continued to crash ashore.

City Emergency Management Coordinator Frank Donato said he was aware of little significant damage from wind or water. He said dunes held even at the depleted south end beach.

"A few traffic lights got turned around because of the wind," he said, while numerous metal signs were bent and pulled out of the ground.

No snow sat on the ground but there were scattered flurries falling as of 9 a.m. The wind had died down too.


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