CAPE MAY POINT - Borough Commission on Thursday will fill the seat vacated by Mayor George "Skip" Stanger Jr., but voters won't get to make their selection until November 2014.

Stanger resigned effective Oct. 1 due to health reasons. The other two commissioners, Deputy Mayor Anita Van Heeswyk and Commissioner Robert Moffatt, plan to replace him at Thursday's regularly scheduled meeting.

The appointment will last more than one year. Borough Administrator Kim Hodsdon said the borough is organized under the Walsh Act and is subject to the Municipal Vacancy Law. Hodsdon said this law calls for a temporary appointment until the next municipal election or general election.

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Stanger was elected in May 2012 for a four-year term that would have expired in May 2016. The commission, however, decided to move its nonpartisan elections to November, extending Stanger's term until the end of 2016. With no municipal election coming up, the voters will decide the seat at the next general election. Stanger's resignation was too late to get on the ballot for the upcoming Nov. 5 election.

Van Heeswyk said after the new commissioner is sworn in, the three commissioners will decide who will serve as mayor.

"The three of us will nominate a mayor and a vote will be taken," Van Heeswyk said.

The meeting starts at 7 p.m. at the Fire Hall on Yale Avenue.

Stanger, 71, of Alexander Avenue, was in his first term in office but suffers back problems that made it impossible for him to continue in office.

"It just got to be too much. I had to make a choice between my job and my health, and I chose my health," Stanger said last week.

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The meeting is set for 7 p.m. Thursday at the Fire Hall on Yale Avenue.


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