NORTH WILDWOOD - It could be the start of some very confusing conversations.

"Where is it?


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"Oh, it's over there."

"What's over there?"

"No, it's over there."

"What ......?

But once the confusion has passed, "it" will all become clear as riders approach "it," the difficult-to-forget name given to Morey's Piers' newest thrill ride set to debut Memorial Day weekend on the Surfside Pier at 26th Avenue.

Morey's held a contest to name the new ride and "it" won largely for its simplicity and shortness.

"We were looking for something with not a lot of letters," said Jack Morey, the company's executive vice president.

He said the company received a couple of hundred entries, some with seashore themes and others that belonged in a theme park.

"We heard ‘it' and said that's it," Morey said.

The ride, which is being built in the Netherlands, will swing, spin and fly to more than 65 feet above the Boardwalk. Riders will be secured with a lap-bar system, a move away from traditional shoulder restraints, that was especially designed by the ride's engineers and Morey's Piers' team to allow greater freedom of movement but at the same time maintain safety.

According to a news release from Morey's spokeswoman Lindsey Young, "it"combines a swinging motion of as much as 120 degrees and a rotating center with gondolas, seating a total of 24 passengers, facing each other.

"We generally look for rides (in which ) people that ride can look at each other and enjoy it," Morey said, adding that spectators will also be close to the ride and able to enjoy the thrills as well.

"So there's a good synergy between the riders and the spectators," Morey said.

The ride, which Morey will cost about $1 million, will begin arriving in early March for assembly.

"I think there will be some people that love it. I think there will be some people afraid of it. I think everybody should try it," Morey said Monday.

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