Scott Griswold

Photographer Scott Griswold started his art store 15 years ago.

Business: Scott Griswold Art

Location: 854 Asbury Ave., Ocean City

Owner: Scott Griswold Jr., of Petersburg, Upper Township

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Employees: 5 or 6

Phone: 609-390-8150

Scott Griswold Art started about 15 years ago with a retail store on the mall in Cape May. I create and produce wholesale and retail digital paintings on canvas and paper.

Some of them look very photographic, and some look like Andrew Wyeth paintings, very painterly, depending on how I want to treat the subject.

These are all giclee reproductions. A giclee print in our case is a seven-color pigmented ink printing process, with water-based inks. For all intents and purposes, it’s like an inkjet printer on steroids. We have a huge machine in my Marmora studio, about 8 feet wide and very expensive, on which we produce everything ourselves.

We can reproduce work to show that’s up to 60 inches by 30 feet. I’m printing a custom order now for someone that’s 40 inches by 60 inches.

It’s my artwork, all original, and there are no middle men, so we can offer nicely framed canvas framed giclee prints 2 by 3 feet for about $200.

We have about 700 images in inventory, including local stuff from the Jersey shore, from Alaska, the Canadian Rockies, the Caribbean, rural Pennsylvania, New Orleans — a lot of stuff — so you can get the image you want in the size you need for the space in your house. That’s what people like.

There are 8-by-10 framed prints for $20 and up. They make great little gifts for people who are house guests at the shore, a little thank you. We have lighthouses, lifeboats, scenes from the shore. I’ve been working on this forever.

When there is time, we can make custom digital prints from a customer’s own photograph.

The store has several hundred pieces in the 8-by-10 size they can flip through. They can also be viewed at

Entry: I’ve been a professional photographer since 1976 and president of the Ocean City Arts Center for a while and on its board for years. After 20 years of working for Kodak, I saw at a friend’s house a bad example of digital photography. I thought I could do that better and switched careers.

The future: We’re going to do portraits again. I haven’t done them in 10 years, and I’m good at it.

Been working with the Press for about 27 years.

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