WILDWOOD — The smell of Castrol racing motor oil wafted from block to block Saturday in the city.

The reason? The 21st annual Roar to the Shore Motorcycle Rally. And Saturday was a great day for all the bikers in town to show off their toys.

Besides the Harleys riding up and down Pacific Avenue, a custom-bike show was held at Schellenger and Pacific avenues.

The bike show is just one part of the weekend rally, which started Thursday night and lasts until Sunday evening.

At least 100 bikes were lined up as fans and judges walked by each hog to find the best one. Categories included best street sport, best touring road king and best European.

A best-in-show award would be given out along with a $350 cash prize. A People’s Choice award would also be given out and would include a $200 cash prize.

Vendors sold motorcycle gear, leather jackets and vests, and hot sausage.

Frank Accardi, a member of the Cape Classic Motorcycle Club, which is sponsoring the weekend events, said he has about 350 tickets for people who wanted to vote in the show.

The rally has come a long way in over 20 years, he said.

“First year there may have been 500 motorcycles coming into town. Now there is probably over 10,000,” said Accardi, of Wildwood. “It’s one of the greatest things we do here in Wildwood.”

One of the participants in Saturday’s competition was James Howe Jr., of Millville, who brought his 2011 orange Street Glide with custom paint, wheels, speakers and other accessories.

This was Howe’s first competition, but he’s been attending the rally weekend since he was a kid.

“I come here every year. It’s the first year my bike is in the show, so we’ll see what happens,” he said.

He said Roar to the Shore has grown each year and that it has to benefit Wildwood.

“It’s great revenue for the town and the area. Here’s to 22 years next year,” he said.

As to whether his first year in the competition would be a success, Howe didn’t seem too concerned.

“I’m just here for the ride,” he said.

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