Other towns in southern New Jersey might be sweating layoffs, but those employed by the borough of Woodbine are here to stay for at least another year.

At Thursday's council meeting, Mayor William Pikolycky announced no layoffs would occur, even as the borough faces reduced funding from the state.

The budget is also balanced enough that the borough's residents will not see an increase in taxes, according to Pikolycky. Taxes will remain at their current rate of 24 cents per $100 of assessed value.

Woodbine's budget is at about $3.5 million, not including additional grants.

"While other communities are facing difficult times ... the council's been looking at alternative ways (to cut spending), and as a result, there's no tax increase," Pikolycky said Thursday.

He attributed the lack of tax increases and layoffs to relying more heavily on state and federal grants to improve infrastructure in the borough.

The tax collection rate in Woodbine is also very high, at about 98 percent, so the borough isn't facing a lack of funds through people not paying their taxes, Pikolycky said.

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