July 21, 2010: Gov. Chris Christie says he wants to see the state control a new Atlantic City Tourism District within one year. The district would operate in a "private-public partnership" with casino companies and future investors expected to provide significant funds for the partnership.

Oct. 22: A new casino-run organization, the Atlantic City Alliance, says it will contribute $30 million per year in private money to the city's Tourism District.

Nov. 5: A draft of Christie's proposed legislation transfers much of the Casino Control Commission's powers to the Division of Gaming Enforcement.

Nov. 16: A state Senate committee releases two bills that would create a new state-run Tourism District in Atlantic City, while streamlining regulations overseeing casino operations and putting the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority in charge of the Tourism District.

Nov. 17: Christie signals he will accept the idea of the CRDA running the Tourism District.

Dec. 21: The Senate passes bills to restructure Atlantic City that would form a state-run district and reform the Casino Control Commission.

Dec. 30: Atlantic City Mayor Lorenzo Langford threatens to sue to stop the creation of the Tourism District.

Jan. 10: Both houses of the state Legislature pass the measures allowing for the creation of the Tourism District and overhaul of gaming regulations.

Jan. 20: Atlantic City Council adopts a smaller version of the proposed Tourism District boundaries.

Feb. 1: Christie signs legislation at the Revel casino site that creates a state-run Tourism District that encompasses the casino zones, beaches and Boardwalk. Revel also announces its plans for financing and to restart construction.

Feb. 3: 115 casino inspectors lose their jobs because of state deregulation.

Feb. 16: Thomas Carver resigns as director of the CRDA. Susan Ney Thompson is named interim executive director.

Feb. 28: Christie's proposed budget shows savings made through overhauling casino regulations would not save as much money as officials initially hoped.

April 19: The CRDA launches the Tourism District.