Nine poker players divided a “bad beat” poker jackpot of more than a half-million dollars at the Tropicana Casino and Resort in Atlantic City on Thursday, officials said.

The winner, Vivian Ko, won $219,015, while Yuriy Porytskyy won $109,507 and seven other players at the table each took home $31,287, officials said. The $547,538 jackpot was the largest bad beat poker jackpot awarded at Tropicana, although last month, Caesars Entertainment set a record when it paid out a bad beat jackpot of nearly $800,000 to more than 400 poker players across five casinos.

A bad beat jackpot is a marketing concept developed by casinos, which offers the jackpot as a sort of consolation prize to a player with a qualifying hand who loses the hand to another player with a superior hand. The losing player is awarded the largest chunk of the jackpot, while the winning player receives the second largest piece and the rest is divided among the remaining players at the table.

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On Thursday, the nine players were in a $1-$2 Texas Hold’em game, officials said. Ko's quad tens were beaten by Porytskyy's quad kings.

The jackpot is funded by all of the poker players in the casino through an amount taken out of every pot. It continues to grow until someone hits the bad beat jackpot.

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