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Ten (Revel) from Rhode Island Ave. Press of Atlantic City editorial board tour of Atlantic City development and projects with city planner Elizabeth Terenik and city director of licensing and inspections Dale Finch. Wednesday April 12, 2017. (Dale Gerhard / Staff Photographer)

Dale Gerhard / Staff Photographer

ATLANTIC CITY — Gov. Chris Christie said he hopes Glenn Straub sells the former Revel casino because Straub “hasn’t been able to deliver” on reopening the property.

Christie made the remarks Thursday during his monthly “Ask the Governor” radio show on New Jersey 101.5. He criticized Straub for not wanting to go through the casino license application process.

Straub argues he shouldn’t have to apply for a license because he’s leasing the casino to a third party. The Casino Control Commission ruled he does need a license, but Straub has sued to appeal the decision.

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“Uh-uh. Not the way it works,” Christie said. “You want to profit from a casino in Atlantic City? We have to see your financials, and you have to be licensed. So I don’t think it’s going to open as a casino unless this guy goes through the appropriate licensure process.”

Christie never referred to Straub by name, only calling him “this guy.”

Straub called Christie a lame-duck governor who is discouraging businesses from investing in New Jersey.

“Why do you think Atlantic City is taking as long as it’s taking?” he said, referring to the resort’s recovery.

Straub claimed state agencies overseeing casinos didn’t follow state statute when they denied his petition to waive a casino license requirement for his company.

Christie said Straub could still reopen the property, now known as TEN, without a casino, but the governor seemed to have his doubts. Straub recently said TEN could open June 15, but he has missed two self-imposed deadlines to reopen.

“I’m hoping quite frankly that he sells it because in the end he just hasn’t been able to deliver,” Christie said.

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